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I used to think just setting goals, and writing them down along with whole lot a HOPE was enough…


“This year I’m going to start my own business…”

“This year I’m buying a new freaking car…”

This year I’m going to get into great shape…”

only to wind up driving the same crappie old car, working for the same crappie old boss
and living with the same chunky ass body again the next year…
It wasn’t just frustrating…

It was demoralizing!!!

I knew I deserved better… and so do you...
But that feeling is back again isn't it?
That nagging, anxious, uneasy feeling you get when the New Year is rapidly approaching and you realize you haven’t achieved everything or perhaps anything you wanted to this past year…

And that it’s too late…

11 months have flown by and all you can do now is hope like hell that Next Year will be different.

You hope so anyway...

you and I both know...

Hope isn’t enough!!!

We need a system if we are ever going to make those dream happen...

Hi, I’m Tom The author of the #1 bestselling 7 Rules of Achievement

And I’ve been there.

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